Come, Follow Me

Matthew 19:21
Jesus said to him, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”


The week before the Women’s Retreat the Lord gave me a vision at Corporate Prayer, but it seemed out of place with what the others were sharing, so I sought further direction.  Over the next weeks as I drove to work the Lord expanded on what He first showed me, and I realized it was part of His “Come Follow Me” message for the women of FWC.

The vision started by showing a little girl in a party dress just as she was putting her bare feet on the top of her Father’s feet.  Her arms were stretched up and her little hands enfolded in His hands.  She was looking up into His face.  He was so much bigger than she was – all you could see were His feet, the bottom of His robe and His hands.  And then He slowly started to move.  She looked a little scared at first, and oh, what to do with those legs!  But after a few steps she started to figure it out- follow! She started to get the hang of this following thing.  And the movement became a dance.  Come! Follow Me!

And then I could hear it – it started as a giggle and then exploded into a outburst of full-bore laughter.  He reached down and raised her up high over His head, and they twirled and dipped and glided.  They were eye to eye, heart to heart, joy entwined in joy.  They laughed until they could hardly breathe.

And He pulled her to Him, her head nestled into His shoulder, her little arms around His neck.  And the tempo of the dance slowed.  She closed her eyes, safe, enfolded in His arms.  She heard the steady beating of His heart and felt the soft ebb and flow of His breath against her skin.  And softly, gently He began to sing over her their special song – the love song of a Father for His Beloved Daughter.

That was a good place to camp out for a bit.

Then I said, “Lord, little girls grow up. “  And the Lord said “Yes” and shared another picture.  The little girl had grown up and was now standing in a bridal gown looking into the eyes of her bridegroom.  They were just starting their dance together.  And He said, “It delights the Father’s heart to see the fullness of His love expressed in His daughter.”  He said, “It delights the Father to see His Beloved Daughter step out and follow in His footsteps.”

And as I drove to work that day I suddenly realized that the Lord was singing a song up through my heart.  He was singing “Dance with Me, I want to be your partner can’t you see…”  Wow.  He makes me laugh and humbles me all at the same time.

It would be very easy to think of this as a nice daydream.  That is what I would have done in my days of ignorance.  The real challenge is for each one of us to know we are that little girl/young woman and right now possess the reality of that relationship with the Father.  To know that we know that we know that we are Loved by a heart bigger than all creation.

Come!! Follow Me!!

Barbara Murphy

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